2021 Veggie Box Program - Smith's Nature Friendly Farm

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2021 Veggie Box Program

About Us
Let us be your Veggie Dealer!
We are excited to offer a limited number of customers the chance to participate in our veggie box program. We offer you the luxury of having your veggies delivered to your door every two weeks during the peak growing season.

Veggie boxes are great as you get first access to all the seasonal veggies we offer. Often if we don’t grow it but we know it is important we will also source it out for you to be included in your box.

How it works:
Cost: $20 or less. Typically we will provide at minimum a box with $20 worth of goods in it. In the event of a lack of product, we will not charge you full price like a traditional CSA program. We will inform you of the lower price and only charge you for what you are getting. The program is pay after delivery.

You can chose to reduce your veggies a bit to include the following extra's in your box:
  • Eggs.
  • Baked good.
  • Seasoned croutons.

Boxes are delivered on Friday's ready for your weekend. You can cancel the service anytime. We have found our customers love getting their veggies straight from the farm and enjoy planning meals based on what they get every two weeks. It changes how you eat and in a positive and healthy way.

Space is very limited and will fill up fast.

If you wish to sign up please email us at: Smith's Nature Friendly Farm

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