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About us

About Us
We are the Smith's
This our family. Left to right. Baylee, Jollean, Reid, William and Gage.
The beginning of Smith's Nature Friendly Farm.
This was the start of Smith's Nature Friendly Farm. No garden, just a blank slate of possibility.
The start of the first no dig garden.
This was the start of our first vegetable garden. Peaches and Stella were the site supervisors.
Our 2020 garden.
The garden transformation into a no dig garden has been a fantastic experience and a lot of work.
Welcome to our page. We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Who are we?
We are the Smith's of the West Lincoln community in Brookhaven, Mississippi. My husband (William Smith) is a native Mississippian and myself (Jollean Smith) is a native Canadian, who married into the southern life. After spending most of my life working in a corporate job, we decided as a family that I would follow my passion for nature and plants to start a small business in the south. I started with a small table at the local Brookhaven Farmers Market selling jam as we did not have a garden or even a farm yet. I was welcomed with open arms by a beautiful community of people.

As time went on, we found our little farm in West Lincoln. It was a blank slate. Everyday since, has been a journey to grow and expand our farm to fnd ways to better serve our community.

Great veggies.
We offer a great selection of season veggies.
Fresh herbs and plants.
You don't get much fresher than still growing!
Our seasoned salts.
Add flavor to your meals. All salts come with a dried herb or spice from our garden.
Apple Pie Jam
Tastes just like apple pie. My husbands favorite jam.
Soft Pretzels
Our soft and chewy home made pretzels.
What do we offer?

We offer a choice of many standard in season vegetables and some berries and fruit. We are not a large volume producer but a small market gardener. We serve the small family well for in season produce. Some items are grown in larger volume such as yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans and purple hull peas. We grow smaller amounts of almost everything else and will absolutely take requests.

We offer many other goods as well.
From the kitchen we offer a variety of baked goods, seasoned croutons, jams and jellies and herb seasoning mixes. From the garden we sell plants, luffa sponges and decorated gourds. Online we sell some of our favourite products, including reusable bags, sugar and spice spoons and a lot more to come.

Locals can get their veggies directly from the farm, at the local markets we attend, through a veggie box program or with delivery.

What can you expect from us?
Customer service is by far our greatest expectation. We aim for excellent quality but we know we are not perfect, so you will always have the best quality or your money back. Expect us to care wholeheartedly about your experience and our product.

Zebra Tail Butterfly
A Zebra Tail Butterfly on our pollinator patch.
Native Bumble Bee
A native Bumble Bee on our sunflower.
Butterflies are abundant.
Our farm has a goal to offer a diversity of flowers.
Birds are pollintors too.
Birds enjoy the pesticide free blossoms on our plumb tree.
We are nature friendly.
Although we are not nature perfect, we are nature friendly. This means we are always asking ourselves, can we be kinder in our practices? We leave areas of our garden as safe zones for nature while trying to use gardening practices that are gentler on nature. We avoid the use of pesticides with none being used in our gardens and nature friendly areas. To get an in depth look at our Nature Friendly practices visit our page here.

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