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Baked Goods

In the Smith's kitchen we have found some amazing recipes that have that "wow" factor. We have mastered and modified the recipes to bring our customers exceptional taste. All baking is made to order and we do ask for 2 days notice. We will try to make recipes on a rush (without 2 days notice) but it may depend on a few factors including ingrediants available and bake time requirements. Contact us and we will always do our best to get you what you want. Shipping is only available with the seasoned croutons within USA.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread
A delightful desert bread that is great with tea or just as a desert. It has a sweet taste with just enough tart to make it a truly great tasting desert.

 $7.00 each                                                          

Old Fashioned Apple Pie
This is a pie like grandma used to make. A crumbly and flakey crust that is best served with some vanilla ice cream. Inside the applie and spice filling will leave you wanting seconds.

$12.00 each                                                          

Dill Pickle Bread
This is a cross between a biscuit and a bread. This makes for a savory side to any soups. A great bread for dill pickle fan.

$7.00 full loaf                                                       

Pretzel Bites
Perfect for any gathering or just a Friday night treat our soft and chewy pretzel bites are sure to please. Authentic pretzel salt sprinkled on soft chewy bites of pretzel will leave you wanting more.

$10.00 bowl                                                         

Focaccia Bread
This amazing salted herb bread is soft and chewy. The smell of rosemary hits you at every bite. A popular bread that goes great with an italian meal or as a side to salad.

$4.00 each                                                           

M&M Cookies
These M&M cookies are soft and sweet. Full of M&M's, they are sure to please any cookie lover.

2 for $1.00                                                           

Soft Pretzel
This is a classic soft pretzel. Chewy and perfectly salted with authentic pretzel salt.

$3.00 each                                                           

Seasoned Croutons
Our seasoned croutons are an explosion of spiced flavor. These are salted and flavored so well, that you will want to eat them as a snack. Great on salads, casseroles or in soups.

$3.00 1 quart bag                                                
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