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2021 Goals

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Published by Jollean Smith in Updates · 9 January 2021
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Each year we sit down and make a list of our goals. Goals have always been very important to me. Without goals I would not know where I am headed. Many of these goals are insights for our customers into our business. It may seem like a hobby, but truly in order for me to be able to run this little farm it has to contribute to our family exspenses. William does work thankfully but it would be ideal to have the farm grow to allow him to one day join our business full time. For now, we work hard to earn your business, positively impact our community and continue to expand our operations each year.

With that, here are the list of goals for this year:

Increase Production
This has been our number one challenge and a good problem, I suppose. The demand for fresh produce and the amazing supportive community within Mississippi has made it so we can't grow enough. We can grow more, but it will mean we have to do a few things differently. Our focus, will be to take steps that increase our production without increasing our land use. This will take better land space use, stronger systems and better plant management.
Brand new web presence
This was a carry over from 2020. We knew we needed a new website but we had to earn some money to be able to get the updated software. Very late in 2020 we were able to make that purchase and we are underway developing that brand new site. This new site will enable a much better presence on the web and greatly improve the online shopping experience.
Grow online sales
We want to stock our online store with unique and awesome products that people want. From a business perspective we also want to make our online aspect deliver a return. Hosting and paying for a domain name costs us about $100 a year. Our goal is to pay off those costs through online sales in 2021. It will be a first for us to make a sale online and we are excited to make that happen.

Create Better Systems
During the peak of market season I can be working from dawn until dark and still get behind. This means looking at some of our systems to find improvements to save time. What can we do less of, so we can better manager what truly needs our time. This could include weed cloth to cut back on weeding. It could be using slows times better and printing and cutting market labels in February to save time during peak season. Our goal is to look at every task and scrutinize over it, to ask, can this be done better?

Raise $600 for charity
Last year we raised $390 for charity through our Garden Giving program. In 2021 we want to raise the bar in product and service to help bring in increased sales which in turn increase our donation share. Our goal this year is to achieve $600 in donations.

Focus hard on quality
Our tomatoes give us a hard time not producing the volume that they should as the plant usually gets some form of blight and dies. Our watermelons are not quite reaching the size they should although we did have some amazing ones in the no till garden. So in 2021 we want to ensure we monitor closely our plant healthy and produce quality. Weed management will play a part in this as well. We need to keep weeds at bay in tilled areas. Our goal is to increase the use of weed barrier cloth where possible. To spend a lot more time caring for plants and using our new systems to better manage the quality.

Increase no dig
We have our best production from our no dig gardens. Each year we have tried to expand and this year we would like expand into a tilled area.

The YouTube community is a great opportunity to bring in additional funds that would support the farm. Our goal in 2021 will be to reach monetization status. This means consistent posting of videos and improving the quality of the videos. The goal is to ensure 2 recordings a week.

With the new website it gives us a much nicer blogging experience. Now Google will actually serve up our website with the new responsive technology. In addition, blogging mixes well with YouTube content. So our goal will be to tie our videos to our blog, hopefully bringing a double whammy of content possibilities along with future ad revenue potential.

5000 Flowers
We will be on a march to achieve 5000 flowers in the garden this year to help our pollinators. A native bee needs to reach up to 5000 flowers in a day and we want to help them reach that in our garden. Planting has already begun.

Increase our sales
In order to keep doing what we are doing, the reality is, we have to increase our sales. We will do so earning the loyalty of our customers, through above and beyond customer service and offering a fantastic product.

We look forward to the challenges we know we will face in 2021. We continue to be humbly grateful to the customers who support us, without them none of this would be possible.

All the best to you and your families this year. May you all be safe and happy.

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