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2021 a new year a new web site!

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Published by Jollean Smith in Updates · 7 January 2021
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Before I made the move to the US, I knew that I would not be able to work as my green card was processing. After leaving a job in marketing that I loved my husband and I agreed that I would take a shot at starting a business that went along with my passion for gardening. Three months prior to the move I purchased an old software kit for designing web sites and sat down and started At the time I was not super sure I could do this. The future seemed big, scary and full of so many unknowns. When I arrived I did jump in and get connected to the local farmers market and started blogging online.

The farmers market journey started with a table and some jam. With no garden I did not have much to sell. I think I made $200 that whole summer and I only made that much as my in laws gave me their excess veggies to sell.

The website existed but was clunky and not responsive. This means those viewing it on their phones could not have a good experience. But to design a new website meant two things, 1. I had to invest almost $100 in a new software program. 2. I had to be sure I was going to keep doing this. $200 was not a very convincing reason to keep doing it. But my happiness for what I was doing was there. In addition, I started to have a few return customers. It was probably these return customers alone that inspired me to keep trying.

We have since been through three market garden seasons. Only one with our own full garden which was still very much in development that year. We have continued to grow our sales and most importantly grow our customer base. I cannot say this enough, every customer matters and is so appreciated by us.

With 2020 behind us and a solid improvement in sales over 2019, we have finally invested in a new website for 2021. This website allows us to better connect to our customers. We can provide a better shopping experience and update the look and feel to align with the brand that seems to have come to life on its own.

With this new launch there may be the odd glitch or error along the way. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you catch any flaws or if you feel it is missing any information.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our little farm on this journey. If you asked that girl who set up a web page 3 years ago if she would be here doing this today, she would have been very doubtful.

Thanks for being here. Be friendly. Be kind.

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