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Where to find us

About Us
Our farm is located in Brookhaven, Mississippi, within the community of West Lincoln.

To shop with us in person you can do so in the following ways:

At the Farm:
Send us a message to arrange a direct at farm visit. We do not operate a retail store at our home. This is a home based business, but we also welcome our customers to see where their food and products come from so feel free to make an appointment to stop by.

Farm Stand:
When we have excess goods we will open the small road side stand we have in West Lincoln. This stand is not manned and cannot hold goods that cannot stay fresh without refrigeration such as eggs. To find out if our stand is open follow our [link:4]Facebook[/link:4] page.

Farmers Market:
From approximetly May until the end of July at the Bookhaven Farmers Market on Tuesday & Friday's.

We will deliver to Brookhaven or McComb (and some surrounding areas) with some notice. We ask for 2 days notice, but do not be afraid to ask if we will be coming into town. We often are. Do keep in mind some goods still require 2 days notice so we can make them.

Echange Club Market:
The first Saturday from March until December we will be at the [link:2]Brookhaven Echange Club Market[/link:2] at the fair grounds.

You can also shop with us anytime online.

Visit our online store and we will be in contact with you to arrange delivery of your products. Yes, we will ship some things accross North America. Items that cannot stay fresh, such as baked goods will not be shipped.

We are very flexible with most things we do. If we know you are looking for something we will do our best to ensure simple and quick service. Message us on [link:3]Facebook [/link:3] to make arrangements for your order.

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