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Nature Friendly

About Us
Wasp enjoying a flower on the farm.
A butterfly in one of our pollinator patches.
Since I was a little girl, leaving piles of acorns for the squirrels, I have always been a nature lover. As I got older my passion to help nature grew immensley. When we decided to start a farm, I knew I wanted it to be kind to nature. That is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Bugs devour plants, almost everything wants to eat your chickens and Mississippi has things like Fire Ants and Hornworms.

So how are we nature friendly?
  • We limit the use of pesticides. The exception would be on our home to prevent roaches and termites. We never use pesticide on our garden or our yard and we actually encourage bug life throughout our outdoor spaces. We don't use any bugs killers on your food even organic ones.
  • We keep approximetly 70% of our property natural. Allowing nature to do what it know's best.
  • We plant native flowers with a goal to have huge native plant diversity.
  • We plant native trees and specifically trees that support pollinating catapillars such as Pecan, Paw Paw's and Catalpa trees.
  • We operate a large no till garden. We do have a tilled area but we are working on making the tilled area shrink as we expand our no till year over year.
  • We have pollinator patches throughout our yard, offering our pollinators a buffet of nectar flowers.
  • We use no chemicals on our lawn.
  • We practice lazy mowing of the lawn to allow the clover and other wild flowers to bloom.

You can see a lot of what we do on our YouTube channel as well.

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