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Shout outs!

Gratitude is so important and I have so much gratitude for these businesses. Brookhaven is a small town with a lot of businesses and people that support their local farmers. These are a few of the very special businesses that have either donated items to us or supported our farm's business in one way or another. We have a great deal of gratitude for these folks.

Patti and Tommy Alderman of Alderman Farms

Sara Doman of The Artist + The Flower

Bradly Boerner and the woderful team at Boerner Law Firm

Jeff Kallum of Brookhaven Honey Co.

Donna Case, owner of Buds & Blooms Nursery

Kayla Barlow from The Dirty Daisy

Jason & Timmy of The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Janie & Keith of Janie's Bakery

The Lotus Farm
Jayne of The Lotus Farm

The wonderful team at Magic 104.3 Radio

Rebecca Bates Extension Agent for Mississippi University Extension

Craig Smith of Smith's Farm Fresh Vegetables

Our lovely neighbors
Nancy & Robert Smith

Realtor with Tom Smith Land and Homes

Wilson Farm
Clois Wilson of Wilson's Farm
It would also be a miss not to mention our incredible and wonderful customers. Without our customers, we would not be able to keep doing this. We are beyond words, so grateful to everyone who has shopped or supported us in our mission to serve customers in Mississippi. Thank you.
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